Pay As you Go Model - Aviation and Maritime clients buy individual licences for their employees and only pay for the sessions attended.They receive a free Learning management System that integrates with their current systems and in turn helps them to be Audit monetises itself by approaching multiple clients internationally and selling licences for the modules created.There's No entry Fee or Setup Fee

On Demand Compliance - Training Content represents the best value to our clients - Enables 24X7 access to training programs,Peak Operational Hours for the Aviation industry means all hands on deck.Seamless flexibility owing to our On Demand Model

Technology Driven Training Infrastructure - Arms the client with analytics to predict upcoming sessions, delivery of simulations, On demand interpretations of learning cycle for each employee

Cost - Pay as you go model, High value at a fraction of the cost to the client The best end user experience possible - Enables to client to get a bang for their buck

Pandemic Safe - Fits in with the clients Business Continuity Plans for public health challenges.

Worldwide Growth Opportunity - Integrates seamlessly with global operations - Multiple languages enables the client to deliver standardized content from their hub at a fraction of the cost.

A Shift from Traditional training delivery which is human intensive and expensive

Mandatory Trainings Supported by



 An Aviation company that has a base of 40,000 employees and therefore has to ensure delivery 300,000 mandatory certifications each year at minimum.

The team at have managed trainings departments previously in the Aviation/Maritime industries & have hands on experience on the costs involved in managing the business of compliance trainings.We aim to pitch mandatorytrainings modules at 1/3rd the price of an average certification .Generally you're looking at 6-8 mandatory sessions each year per employee. Some session's are to be refreshed every 6 months. Per Employee cost paid currently - €210-€280 per annum

Whereas Employing mandatorytrainings Per Employee Cost can hover at - €75-€100 per annum 


Parneet Singh Bajaj - CEO and Chairman of the Board

Dr Manjot Saini - Director - Head Health Care Delivery 

Dona Khurana - Aviation Industry Expert      (Consultant - Training Program Administration) Ex Administration Manager Jet Airways (Aviation)

Nitesh Maken - Aircraft Maintenance / Inventory Cathay Pacific (Consultant Aircraft Maintenance)