We are working towards developing a mobile application called 'Mandatory Trainings". The genesis of the idea is the current impact of COVID 19. In the post COVID 19 world traditional learning in a training room for a large audience has become a challenge. Our focus is on Delivering Mandatory Compliance Training.

Mandatory Training is training that has been deemed essential for an organization to do to ensure that it is meeting the required policy and regulatory standards. Often used interchangeably with compliance, it includes health and safety, security, diversity and statutory training that industries require to sustain their license and audit needs.Training Budgets for such compliance program run into millions of dollars annually


We aim to the deliver the need for Mandatory Training or Essential Training for an organization to ensure that it is meeting the required policy and regulatory standards, We offer a readymade solutions that is cost effective, highly sophisticated and intuitive to deliver world class training experience at a fraction of a cost. Already stressed companies save millions in overheads and employee costs owing to our pay as you go business model,Aviation and Maritime Safety, Security are paramount.

Industry - Aviation and Maritime

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